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Thanks to generous donation by individuals and organization like yours, we’ve been able to help thousands of Seniors throughout the years. While much is volunteered, there are still many things that require funding to keep our doors open. The need for our service continues to grow, and we need your help now as much as we ever have. Thank you for being willing to assist those who are no longer able to assist themselves.


Many organizations are seeking ways to help keep our Clients independent. We count health-service providers, transportation planners, civic organizations, local governments and charitable foundations among our most consistent supporters. There are a variety of ways organizations can help, including:

  • Some organizations provide seed money for new initiatives

  • Some fund ongoing operations of our organization

  • Some offer grants that bring in support staff, vehicles, or provision of new services

  • Some provide incentives to allow their employees to take a turn at the wheel

  • All in all, they see the need to keep our Senior clients independent

For Legacy Giving, please contact our Executive Director, Serita Lacasse.

To sign up as a Volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page, or email us at

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