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Thanks to the generous donations by individuals and organizations like yours, we’ve been able to help thousands of Seniors throughout the years. While much is volunteered, there are still many things that require funding to keep our doors open. The need for our service continues to grow, and we need your help now as much as we ever have. Whether you choose to sponsor an event, donate to an event, donate your car or donate through a charitable cause, we appreciate you and your support. Now you can also check to see if your employer matches your donation and donate directly from a money fund. Thank you for being willing to assist those who are no longer able to assist themselves. Through your support, Senior Access will continue fulfilling its vision that every Senior has access to essential services.

Do you have a car you no longer want or need? Consider donating your car to us. Ruby, a long time volunteer turned client, decided she no longer needed her car and donated it to us. Click on the picture to learn more.


For Legacy Giving, please contact our Executive Director, Serita Lacasse.

To sign up as a Volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page, or contact Melinda Ross.

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