Roscoe has been with Senior Access since 2017. He is a prankster with a big sweet tooth. But his real passion is picking up clients so they can go to HEB, Walmart, Target, and fun places around town. He loves his job and wants to make sure he is running in tip-top shape.

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Dolly has been with Senior Access since 2018. It didn't take long to realize Roscoe need help. Too many clients love to ride on the weekly trips. We sure keep busy. Dolly loves to travel so getting out each week is a thrill for her. She also loves to bake. Roscoe is thrilled about that! Clients sure enjoys the baked goodies, too.

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Opal was a new addition during the Covid-19 Pandemic. She was a little sad she sat in the parking lot for 6 months. She knew she was needed, though, so she was willing to be patient. She really looked forward to the time she would be full of new and exciting people. Maybe she can share a little plant from her garden with her new friends.

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