Why does Senior Access and other nonprofits ask for donations? It is a valid question. The services we provide are free to our clients and volunteers help us complete our mission. So WHY do we fundraise?

Finding, training and supporting volunteers takes a tremendous amount of resources and your donations are needed to keep this program running. Talking to clients to schedule their appointments, to reassure them they will get to those appointments and helping them navigate their world that is often new and different takes resources and fundraising helps keep this available to our clients. Providing vans and van drivers to take groups of clients to grocery stores takes resources.

That's why we invite you to join us December 1 for Giving Tuesday.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a world-wide day of giving. People all over the world take this day to give back to causes they love. Do you love our mission and the way we serve your community?

Why Senior Access?

Senior Access is devoted to helping people who are at a time in their lives when they now need help. Seniors in our neighborhoods need help every day and we are there to support them. Our clients served in wars, were authors (some still are writing!), nurses, teachers, engineers, preachers, parents, and so much more. They spent their lives in service and now it is their turn to be served. We are excited to have your support and invite you to donate and learn more about what we do to help seniors stay independent.

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