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Age Doesn't Matter: You can still learn

Think about a time in life, when life was hard, you had to make tough choices to survive and care for yourself and your baby. Now think of a dream, you have every day and that is to return to school and get your High School Equivalency exam. Your body physically has tired and it becomes too difficult to remain working at a local fast food restaurant but you still want to do something. Deep down inside you, an urging to get that GED and be able to market yourself to work in an office. That is V's STORY..

Last fall, V and I were enjoying a conversation together and she mentioned this dream and desire she had. The passion you felt when she talked about doing something for herself to be proud but to show her daughter and grandchildren what she could accomplish. I knew right away that we needed to help her get the resources to accomplish this. The Superintendent of Pflugerville ISD is a Rotarian with me so I reached out to him. He was able to link me with the local Austin Community College GED program. V and I sat down at my computer and started filling out the paperwork needed. The next week we were able to sign her up for the PreTest required for the classes. This test helps determine where you should start your classes. January 3nd, V and I drove to the testing site in Round Rock. She was excited and nervous and laughing stating "I haven't been to school or taken a class since I was 14". She had 4 hours to complete the test so I left her and came back. The smile was bright on her face when I returned stating, "I did remember some things!" Her joy was contagious. We were asked to come back on the 16th to get the results and sign up for class. Today was the day! I picked her up and off we drove downtown to see what to do for the next steps. V smiled the whole time!! Our turn was called and they reviewed her scores and told her the best classes to attend. We were able to find classes at night in Pflugerville a mile from her house. V and I nervously asked the our excitement the classes are FREE! After doing a high five, we signed her up. V has not been to classes in 50 YEARS but Tuesday she will start her first one. You can do anything you set your mind to. GO V! Super proud!!

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