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Clap Your Hands for our Volunteers!

Volunteers are vital to Senior Access. Our incredible volunteers provide services to our clients that enable them to remain active and independent in their own homes.

Sometimes when we think of great humanitarians, we may typically think of those who give extreme amounts of money or devote their whole lives to a certain cause. However, that is not what makes our volunteers great. It is the every day acts of love and service that makes our volunteers so special.

Many of our volunteers feel that they are getting more than they are giving. What an interesting concept to think that when we are helping someone else, when we are using our resources to benefit another, when we give our time away to a stranger, we can actually feel that we are getting something in return! Amazing!

People volunteer or serve for all kinds of reasons. Some need service hours for school or an organization, some receive time off from work to volunteer, some want to teach their children to serve or help them learn social skills, some are filling a void from a lost parent or grandparent, and some just have extra time. The reasons for volunteering simply do not matter. What matters is that you are needed and we appreciate you.

You are needed and our clients are so grateful for you who volunteer with us! We constantly hear how much our volunteers mean to our clients. This pandemic has brought us more isolation for our clients than usual. They are so grateful for the phone calls, the letters, the rides to appointments, and the grocery store trips our volunteers have provided.

We hope you can join us in celebrating our incredible volunteers on November 5, 2020. This virtual event is a way for us to come together and clap for them. Email for zoom information.

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