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Copy of Volunteering, What Stops You?

We all know someone who seems to volunteer for endless causes. The ones who love animals, and works at the library, and donates blood. You know those kind of people??

At the other end of the spectrum, we all know someone who never volunteers.

There are many reasons why some people choose to volunteer (and there are great benefits to volunteering) and why some people don’t. People may choose to volunteer because they feel called to the work or feel passionate about a cause. Perhaps, there is an emotional reason that brings someone to an organization. Why do you volunteer? What reasons stop you from volunteering? Time constraints? Fear? Poor health? Lack of knowledge of an organization? No desire?

I recently met a man who volunteers about 600 hours a year with a local organization. That equates to 1.65 hours every day of the year (if I did my math correctly!). I asked him why he chose to volunteer so much. He said, “It keeps things in perspective for me. It keeps me young and it gives me purpose. I get aggravated when I see able people sitting around.” This man is 82 years young! He has not let his age stop him from volunteering. We may not be able to volunteer this amount of time, but perhaps we could give a little bit more than we are currently giving.

One of Senior Access’ volunteers admits she “is kind of scared of old people.” Yet, she found herself being called to volunteer with us. She went through the training and scheduled her first ride. Afterwards she shared, “My time with Mrs. A was really so brief, but my heart was so full from spending time with her. How was that possible? It was obvious that Mrs. A couldn’t remember some things, but what she could remember is how good it felt to be with people. She wanted more of that! It was clear to me, we just weren’t designed to be alone. We were created to be in community….community with our loved ones, our neighbors, and beyond. Mrs. A needed me, but I was most surprised at how much I needed Mrs. A.” This volunteer didn’t let her fear stop her from volunteering.

Senior Access is asking you to Fall into Action this October. Set aside your reasons of why not to volunteer and ask yourself instead, “How can I Fall into Action to help my senior neighbors?” Volunteer to drive them to doctor appointments, grocery stores, church, libraries, or anywhere they need to go! As you Fall into Action this month, take a moment to assess what you already do; then, see where you might do a little bit more. Your senior neighbors will be so grateful and you may just feel a little better yourself. To Fall into Action and volunteer with us, contact Sherrie at 512-310 1060 or

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