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Did you say bingo?

For many of us, we use the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to tell time. We may say, "before the pandemic, we did this" or "that photo was taken before Covid" or "we used to do that before the pandemic." Truly the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed many things for us.

In 2015, we began a program we called Grand Adults Day. This day was meant to enhance the lives of our clients by offering a social outing. Clients talked, we offered games to play, and we provided lunch. As the years have gone by, bingo has become a favorite as well as an annual Summer Carnival, Holiday party, and other events with lunches hosted by places and groups such as Chick-fil-A Pflugerville, National Charity League Round Rock, and Brookdale Senior Living-Round Rock. In March 2020, we sadly decided we needed to halt these gatherings.

A few months back, we thought we might try a "Coffee with Clients" zoom style. Those that have joined have benefited from the social time, but it has had slow growth. We decided we might try and bring back Grand Adults Day-Virtual Style for a few months. We'll go back to the beginning and have these zoom calls on the third Friday of each month from 10:30-11:30 am. We will play bingo in October so find your markers now whether they are beans, or pennies, pasta or a pen. Be sure to let us know you want to participate so we can mail you a couple of bingo cards and share the zoom link with you.

And did I mention there will be bingo prizes? :)

After the pandemic, we learned we are resilient, strong, and capable of change and doing hard things. After the pandemic, we learned...or remembered...that family, friends, and good health are important. After the pandemic we learned that Senior Access will still be here to help those who need it and our volunteers are the BEST!

Hope to see many clients October 16.

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