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Does What You Do Matter?

Do you ever wonder if what you do for Senior Access makes a difference? We assure you that every volunteer act, every phone call, every drive, and every donation impacts lives. Here is what one of our clients, Dvori recently shared.

"I want to thank you for the wonderful carnival that you guys provided for us. I can tell that that was quite a task to plan this all out and you guys did a superb job of it! We old folks had a chance to socialize, laugh, move, to play, and that is such a blessing for so many of us.

Those volunteers from the Young Men's Service League were an absolute delight. The idea of moms and sons volunteering together is wonderful. It was a joy to talk to the young men about their future educational and career goals. They were exceptionally patient with us old fogies in the way they tolerated our terrible abilities to throw and toss and aim! The young man who picked up the bowling pins has the patience of Job!

The prizes were so fun, and the lunch was wonderful. I was grateful for the rare opportunity to eat fresh fruit! Those volunteers [National Charity League], as well, were exceptionally kind and generous.

Thank you again for coordinating this wonderful event. It does the soul good to be able to share in the joy and good old-fashioned fun. I've been to two events so far, and both of them were the highlight of my month. I thank you for your hard work and for your generous service to the community."

We all love Grand Adults Days and encourage you to volunteer to drive that day if you can.

We have a lot going on in July and the coming months. Take a look at our July newsletter for all the details.

We appreciate you all! Remember, you are important and you do make a difference!

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