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February 2021...what a doozy

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Let's face it...who would have ever guessed that February would have been so difficult for so many. The winter storm wreaked havoc on us Central Texans the likes many of us have never seen. People choose to live here to get away from winter!

Once again, our seniors were hit hard. So many were left without power and water on top of already being isolated for Covid. We saw first hand some choices they had to make. "Should I go to a warming facility so I can plug in my oxygen tank and have my needed oxygen or stay at home with no electricity, but not risk getting sick?" "How can I walk downstairs to get water from the apartment pool to flush the toilet when it is so icy?" "How am I going to stay warm?" "What am I going to eat when I have no water or electricity?"

These are tough questions...some of them we asked ourselves, but consider asking yourself these questions at the age of 70, 75, or even 90. Our clients were scared on top of everything else that has been going on the past year.

We also saw firsthand what our great volunteers and communities did to ensure these people were helped. People came out in large numbers to bring water to doorsteps, to shovel ice off of sidewalks, to bring food and warm meals, to clean up water from burst pipes. It is heartwarming and touching to see and hear these stories. Once again, in a time of desperate need, we have come together to help, to restore hope, and bring peace of mind knowing that someone is watching out for those most in need.

As difficult as it is to go through challenges, these challenges bring us together like nothing else can. So, thank you for going through these difficult times with us and for caring for the elderly of our community. These huge challenging events bring to the forefront some of the everyday struggles our clients face. So many are on very limited budgets and they must ask themselves, "Do I turn on my air conditioner or save money for my prescriptions?" "Can I afford to get a taxi to go to the doctor or should I wait until next month?" We are so grateful to be able to help those who need it by offering free transportation and support services.

This Friday is Amplify Austin and if you choose to donate to us, we would be so honored. We know you have may choices when it comes to donating your money. Your donation allows us provide all of our services free of charge and directly impacts the physical, social and emotional health of the elderly in our communities.

Yes, February, you tried to do us in, but we rallied together and are stronger for it.

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