How to say Thank You

As I sit here looking at a list of volunteer names, I am in awe at the numbers I

see: In August, 82 volunteers gave 578 hours, driving 5,659 miles, providing 407 trips! This represents what happens at Senior Access month after month.

How do you say thank you to something like this?

People who choose to spend their time volunteering amaze me. Yet, time and time again, I hear from volunteers who say they "get more than they give." In fact, one or our volunteers recently said, "In offering drives to others I realize the blessings that the good Lord has given me. There is joy in knowing you made somebody’s day a little better.” This attitude not only affects the volunteer driver, but also the client. Because someone is willing to step out of their own problems, they can see another person's need. In return, the volunteer is blessed. What a beautiful cycle.

Our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon is coming up and this is a big way we show our volunteers how much we appreciate what they do. But, do they feel this appreciation all year long? Do they really understand that what they are giving to others makes a huge impact on someone's life? I hope so!

Our clients often tell us they would not be able to go to their appointments without volunteers who are willing to drive them. Just as importantly, they tell us they would often go days without seeing or talking to anyone if it were not for Senior Access and our volunteers. Volunteers make an impact. They change people's lives. They offer hope, freedom, and a sense of renewal to others.

Volunteers are the best kind of people! They give from their heart and I am so blessed to be able to know them and work with them. The words may seem small, but with my whole heart I say, "Thank you!"

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