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It's a New Year. Are you Excited?

For many of us, the New Year represents a time for change. We can start refreshed with a new outlook, a fresh take on life. We may set goals or resolutions to make personal changes. We may want to change certain behaviors like becoming more organized or exercising more or eating healthy. Maybe we want to read more books or be a better friend. Regardless of what things we may want to change, we are hoping to succeed.

This past year has been a rough one, right? We sure have hopes that 2021 will be better. Hope for health or being with family. Hope to visit a loved one. Hope to have things return to "normal." defines hope as a verb as "to cherish a desire with anticipation : to want something to happen or be true" and as a noun as a "desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment" or "someone or something on which hopes are centered" or "something desired or hoped for." Our hopes keep us going from day to day and help us choose the paths we want to take.

Our clients are hoping that they will be able to continue going to their doctor appointments. They hope that their buddy will call them each week. They hope to stay healthy and not get Covid-19. They hope to give their grandchildren hugs and kisses.

Senior Access hopes to raise funds to ensure these things happen for our clients. We hope for support from our communities in both donations and volunteers. We hope for a great year where we can serve even more people and be able to tell them, "yes, we can do that." We look forward to 2021 with bright hopes of a fantastic year and, in the words of C.S. Lewis, that "there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind."

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