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Nacho Average Volunteers

Volunteers make the world go round and at Senior Access we have the best! Without you, senior neighbors would be more isolated and have fewer opportunities to go to their doctor appointments and less access to food and prescriptions. We love to celebrate our volunteers in November because it is the month of gratitude. Without our volunteers, many of our seniors would miss out on their important doctor appointments, having a reliable way to get groceries, and opportunities to get out of their homes to have social connections. We are so grateful to you volunteers!

So far this year, dedicated volunteers donated over 14,399 hours to 1,237 active senior neighbors with more than 11,351 rides or support services. Our mission is to help all seniors and this is not possible without you! Volunteers, sponsors, and donors are all vital to helping seniors stay independent.

There is much going on for these next two months. Client activities, fundraising events, and of course scheduling the much-needed transportation keep us busy. We love helping the clients we serve, though, and that keeps us going. We hope you will stick with us as we strive to help as many people as possible. To see all that is happening, read our latest newsletter.

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