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Lynda knits
Lynda knits

For all those who work at a nonprofit, you know the value of volunteers. The work that is done just cannot progress without them. They are invaluable! Serving seniors as Senior Access does, we may overlook that they, too want to volunteer somewhere in some way.

We actually have several of our clients who also volunteer for us. Our client volunteers call other clients who need more connections and conversations to people. We love it and it helps those who are volunteering feel a connection to us in a new way. It is important to feel needed and wanted.

Lynda is a client who has found a unique way to give back. She is a wonderful person who is fun to talk to and learn from. She is English (I thoroughly enjoy listening to her lovely British accent) and grew up in the Northeastern part of England. When she was younger she would travel all over by train to listen to her favorite musicians. She loves music and would attend concerts most weekends. Some of the more famous groups she saw include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Tina Turner, and Jimmy Hendricks. It didn't really matter to her how famous the bands were though, she just thoroughly enjoyed music and the atmosphere of the concerts.

Lynda's first job was working in a library. She is an avid reader and loves spy thrillers. She moved to the US in 1983 and settled in Austin right away. She loved it so much that she stayed. Her career took her on a nonprofit journey and she worked for agencies that supported the homeless, indigent, and those suffering from AIDS. Her whole adult life has been spent helping others so it is no surprise that she spends her free time now volunteering her time in meaningful ways.

A fun fact about Lynda is that she loves tinkering with computers. She started in the early 1990s and learned how to make her own personal computer. She has made her own computers for many years.

On one of her visits back to England to visit her mom, Lynda learned that she was knitting for charity. Lynda knew how to knit and thought she could do that, too. She started knitting baby hats and donated them to local hospitals. Then she learned of an organization that helps women who had breast cancer and mastectomies, Learning about knittedknockers and what they do for women ignited a fire in her and she began knitting for them a little over a year ago. She says it is perfect for her because, "the pattern is so easy that I can just do it in my head. It is such a great cause." Lynda likes knowing that she is helping women feel better about themselves. Lynda is a serial knitter; she will knit, finish a pair, and start a new set. She started this journey on Jan 1, 2020 and completed over 300 pair last year. She will give locally to anyone she knows who needs a pair, but she ships boxes and boxes of completed sets to Washington where the home office of the organization is located.

One benefit of volunteering is getting to know the people you serve. Clients of Senior Access are wonderful people who have great stories to share. They want to give back. They want to remain a part of their community. Volunteer with us so you can get to know them and share the wonderful things they do.

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