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Seniors Need Summer Volunteers

SUMMER…. A great time to volunteer! Perhaps this year is the summer to give volunteering a try. Summer can be a busy time for our volunteers. It is often difficult to find the drivers we need to fill the open requests from our clients. We look forward to summer all year long. It is the time for vacations, family, BBQs, swimming, and ice cream. Perhaps this summer begin a new tradition and include volunteering.

The hot summer months takes some volunteers away, but it also brings in new people who can volunteer only during the summer. We have a great group of teen volunteers who help on the vans and in the office. We have two different organizations working with us, the Young Men’s Service League-Round Rock and the National Charity League-Round Rock, who are able to provide more help to us during the summer months and it is a great time for more youth to participate. Many teachers also love to volunteer with us during the summer months.

National Charity League Round Rock

Although the weather has been sizzling hot this summer, the seniors in your community are still needing and wanting to go to appointments and other locations where they can be active and social. Loneliness and isolation are real concerns as people age and depression is very real for many seniors. Social and emotional health are as vital as physical health. Having the ability to go to doctor appointments, grocery stores, and other locations help in all areas of well-being. Senior Access volunteers are key at helping relieve loneliness, isolation, and depression. I often say volunteering for Senior Access is a two for one gig. Volunteers not only provide the needed transportation, but they very often provide friendship, conversation, and a human touch.

Are you involved in a group that would like to volunteer with us? Do you work in a place that allows for volunteering during the day? We would love to have you volunteer with us. Even though, summer is coming to an end as far as school is concerned, there is still time to get set up as a new volunteer. Volunteer needs will continue in the fall and throughout the year.

Senior Access is very aware that you have a choice in when, how, where, and with whom you volunteer and donate. The clients you serve are so grateful you have chosen them. They love seeing you and are grateful for the opportunity it gives them to be able to get out of their homes to do the business that they need to do, especially during the hot summer.

Summer is a great time to volunteer. Next time you are out and about, consider a client. Maybe they would like to get out and get an ice cream with you! Whether you are new to volunteering or a seasoned pro, every volunteer act you provide is important. Every donation you make is important. We appreciate you! If you would like to become part of our volunteer team or a donor, please contact Sherrie at or call 512.310.1060 or visit

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