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Seniors Reminisce the Past

One benefit of volunteering with Senior Access is being able to listen to our senior clients share their past experiences and listen as they reminisce their younger years. They can offer a wealth of knowledge and add perspective to your own lives. It’s nostalgic and educational to hear how things once were. #growingolder #irememberwheniwasakid

Who remembers being a little kid and hearing the same stories over and over again from your grandma or grandpa? I certainly do! But now, those stories are treasures to me and I would love to have the chance to listen to my Granddaddy just one more time. As we grow older, we often talk about how things have changed. Change can be both exciting and unwanted. But without change, we miss opportunities for personal growth and shared experiences. As we change from August to September, we are offered many changes. Change with the new school year getting settle. Change with college kids beginning their own new adventures. Change in the weather (hopefully). Change within your own work or volunteering. As you move through September and volunteer with Senior Access, you can look forward to some changes with your routine and learning from some of our senior clients.

For many seniors, it seems that changes occur less frequently. Routines may not vary much and while that can be comforting at times, it can also become boring and create a stagnant life. Volunteers for Senior Access help seniors change up their routines. One story a volunteer shared about a client is particularly sweet. Hal had driven one client on several occasions and had gotten to know her. Because of past conversations, he knew she loved seeing the beautiful Texas wildflowers in the Spring. One afternoon after a doctor appointment was finished, he decided to take this client home the long way so he could show her this route with particularly beautiful wildflowers. This extra fifteen minutes of driving provided such joy to this client and she was so grateful. Hal had listened to this client reminisce and then followed through by helping her change up her routine a little bit. This simple change was such a gift to her. Have you ever considered how you can help client enjoy a new experience?

Do you reminisce your younger years when you were in school or experiences you had in high school or college? Do you recall stories your grandparents or parents shared with you about their own childhood? As you remember conversations or experiences, you may want to include volunteering or donating as part of a way to honor a parent, grandparent or other loved one. Whether you are new to volunteering or a seasoned pro, every volunteer act you provide is important. Every donation you make is important. Thank you for remembering your past and letting senior neighbors remember and share their stories! Remember Your Grandparents this September…Donate to Senior Access in their honor! If you would like to become part of our volunteer team or a donor, please contact Sherrie at or call 512.310.1060. #jointheteamofvolunteers #makeadifference

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