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What Life Advice Would You Give?

Years of living have a way of teaching us important life lessons. We recently asked a few of our clients what life advice they would share.

Cecil says, “Stay happy…the happier you get, the longer you live.”

You can tell by his smile, that he is a happy person and such a joy to be around!

Joanne says, "My grandmother instilled principles in me such as once you love yourself you can love others.”

What such wise advice! We appreciate Joanne and her wisdom! We love that she rides on our vans each week.

LaDonna says: "Stay active, have fun, keep going even as you get older because there are still good things to do."

LaDonna does stay active and as she has said before, "If the wheels on the van are turning, she is going!" And we are so glad she does.

We love the advice from each of these special people. If you have the opportunity to drive a client to an appointment, take it! You will hear their stories and may realize you have much in common.

This is just part of our June online newsletter. To learn about Coffee for Dads or our upcoming golf tournament, please see the entire newsletter. There is new information about library trips, important information about food delivery programs, and more. Remember, too, that we need volunteers. Volunteers are vital in helping our senior clients stay independent!

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