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Why Fundraise?

We get it. People are always asking for money. But there are a lot of good causes out there that help a lot of people.

For us, we fundraise to help seniors stay independent. Remember the first time you took the family car out on your own? It was exhilarating, liberating, and fun (and maybe a little scary for some!). Once we taste that freedom, we don't like to give it up.

For our clients who don't drive, it was hard giving up that freedom, that independence. That is where Senior Access comes in. We help them stay independent by providing free transportation and support services. We offer times for social events, too, but to do all of this, we do need funds.

Money for vans, insurance, fuel, maintenance costs and so much more. We work hard to fundraise so we can hear comments like these from clients who went out on our most recent Fun Friday.

"Thank you so much for planning this great outing for all of us." - Karen

Viola said, "Thank you. I had a MARVELOUS time!"

"I had a great time!"- Raymond.

Our next big fundraiser is The Hole Enchilada...a Golf and Cornhole tournament in one! To learn more about it, check out our latest newsletter. You don't want to miss it!

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