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Rockstar Full Movie 2011 Hd Quality 720p Tv servjes




Written and Directed by Kunal Kohli. When a boy named Danesh buys his teenage wife the first CD of Potsy's greatest hits, the life-long dream of his wife, Potsy, comes true. However, as Potsy's greatest hits keep playing, Danesh grows more and more depressed and jealous. Suddenly, Danesh discovers he is pregnant and its Potsy's turn to go on a journey of her own, this time going against everything she believed in. Potsy is obsessed with her handsome neighbor, Danesh, but unfortunately he's married. After Danesh's wife leaves him, he is attracted to Potsy, who encourages him to find happiness. It all seems perfect when Potsy discovers she's pregnant. Unfortunately, before she can tell Danesh, she falls and is knocked unconscious. When she awakens, she's alone and the baby is gone. A very sad and life changing event has occurred. Now Potsy must make a decision to move on with her life. A young modern girl named Anna (Sasha), who lives in New York City, embarks on an imaginary journey in search of her own destiny, through the eyes of her best friend and confidante, Rose (Naomi Watts). Rose's family has been living on Nantucket Island, a private, idyllic island in the middle of Massachusetts Bay, ever since her father and mother met on the beach and started dating during the summer of 1942. One night, on a stormy night, Rose's father, Jonathan (Christopher Walken), commits suicide. The events of that night alter their lives forever. Rose struggles to keep her family together while dealing with the grief and guilt of her father's death. This new reality is exposed when she learns the truth about her parent's history, and about their past relationship. There were multiple versions of this movie, the most famous of which was the 1989 version, written and directed by Jim Henson. This version stars Heather Graham as Rose, Christopher Walken as her father, Gena Rowlands as her mother, and Robert Morse as her brother. The Green Mile is a 1994 American prison drama film based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, and the screenplay was adapted by Frank Darabont. It stars Tom Hanks as Deputy Warden Paul Edgecomb. Although critically acclaimed and highly successful at the box office, it received mixed reactions from critics.




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Rockstar Full Movie 2011 Hd Quality 720p Tv servjes

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